Top Marketing Podcasts: 5 Best Shows to Listen to in 2020

Top Marketing Podcasts: 5 Best Shows to Listen to in 2020

Top marketing podcasts are easier to find than ever. Did you know there are about 900,000 active podcasts right now? That’s more than 30 million episodes in genres ranging from comedy to health, news, business, and beyond. Just name a niche — there’s a podcast for that!

These audio gifts are like a degree for free — essential listens for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, Shopify store owners, and all motivated hustlers. Infinite information and inspiration around your industry are cued up and ready to tune into anywhere, anytime.

If you’ve never jumped into marketing podcasts before, consider this treasure trove of audio conversations to be money in the bank. Here are some of our favorites to get you started down a winning rabbit hole of discovery.


Top Marketing Podcasts To Listen to in 2020

#4 - Goal Digger Podcast

Goal Digger Marketing Podcast

Goal Digger is “like happy hour with a gal-pal, mixed with business school.”

Jenna Kutcher is a small-town Minnesota mom who grew a modest photography business to a 7-figure online empire. Her live workshop-style podcast helps listeners examine life and solve problems by thinking and acting like entrepreneurs.

This host(ess) with the mostest and her guests offer listeners tons of inspirational stories, challenges, and encouragement. You can design your dream career while getting expert secrets, strategies, and business hacks that help you tackle your biggest goals along the way.

Dig in for real talk about marketing, branding, budgeting, social media, and more.

Tip! Try episode #241: Our Best Instagram Tips EVER Available on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher

#3 - Lochhead on Marketing

Lochhead on Marketing Podcast

Hold onto your butts when you strap in for Christopher Lochhead’s top-ranked business podcast. The best-selling author and three-time Silicon Valley CMO delivers no-bullshit strategies and insights for executives and entrepreneurs who seek real results.

Considered “one of the best minds in marketing,” the high school dropout helps listeners discover what makes legendary marketing truly legendary. We got a firsthand taste of the host’s passion for marketing that makes a difference. Back in April, Dropkick Ads founder Orlando Rios had Lochhead as a guest on our own Ultimate Marketer podcast.

Find out why Lochhead feels it’s time to be “radically generous and thoughtfully aggressive” during Covid-19. Subscribe to Lochhead on Marketing for more honest guidance on being authentic, creating a reputation, and becoming legendary. New episodes weekly.

Tip! Try episode #072: Designing Legendary Categories, Companies & Brands Available on Apple Podcasts | Spotify

#2 - Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic Podcast

One reviewer calls it “marketing on steroids!” Produced by DigitalMarketer, this weekly marketing podcast explores paid traffic strategies. Hosts Ralph Burns (Tier11) and Molly Pittman ( are hailed as Facebook experts and authorities on all things digital marketing.

The duo shares useful information that’s both entertaining and insightful for digital marketers at every level. Tune in to tune up your paid ad strategies for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and every place you aim to drive traffic. Discover how to acquire more leads and sales by getting unstuck in Perpetual Traffic.

Tip! Try episode #33: The Ad Grid: How to Build Campaigns that Convert and Scale Available on Apple Podcasts | Spotify

#1 - The Futur with Chris Do

The Futur Podcast

Here’s one for the creative professionals out there. Host Chris Do serves up chicken soup for creative souls who work or play in design, technology, marketing, and business. Chris’ candid interviews with lesser-known guests are especially loved by artists and designers. Aspiring and lifelong creatives of all sorts hail Do’s podcast as one of the most engaging, educational, and empowering in the ever-growing world of podcasts.

The Futur is indeed one of the brightest, making it one of the top marketing podcasts there is right now. Any entrepreneur can grow from this inspiring and insightful podcast. Keep your creative juices flowing’ when you make this ‘cast part of your own recipe for success.

Check out this recent two-episode series featuring acclaimed author, Austin Kleon: Don’t Call It A Side Hustle - Part 1 (EP64) and Stealing Like An Artist - Part 2 (EP65)

Available on Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Bonus! - Ultimate Marketer | A Real Digital Marketing Podcast

Ultimate Marketer Podcast

You knew this was coming. We may be a little biased, but Ultimate Marketer just celebrated its 50th episode and there are many more no-holds-barred discussions on the horizon! In the true spirit of marketing — you gotta check it out. Hosted by Dropkick Ad’s founder and podcast veteran Orlando Rios, this growing marketing podcast aims to make you a marketing champion.

Each Tuesday Ultimate Marketer tackles new ground with expert marketing guests, offering thoughtful insights and actionable advice to propel your business. You’ll learn to pull leads, make sales, and scale your own online empire like a boss. We invite you to join Ultimate Marketer in the journey as we navigate the world of marketing through uncertain times and the best of times. Adapt, grow, and succeed with Ultimate Marketer in your corner.

Subscribe now: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | See Past Episodes We love this episode: #22 Creating Winning Video Ads with The Harmon Brothers  

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