About Us

Who's Behind Dropkick Ads

Dropkick Ads was founded by Orlando Rios out of Austin, TX.

Orlando is a veteran of digital marketing. Starting out as a social media coordinator for several companies at the dawn of MySpace (yeah, MySpace), he was at the forefront at what was a new advertising frontier at the time.

Three years later, Orlando became the Digital Marketing Manager for health and fitness lifestyle brand Onnit as one of the first 30 employees. During his time there he helped the company grow through management of social media, Facebook ads, AdWords, and Instagram. He also worked on campaign collaborations with the WWEUFCStar Wars, and Marvel.

In late 2017, he said goodbye to Onnit as one of the longest-tenured employees in company history (5 years to be exact) to start his own digital marketing company.

He's also super nostalgic about Pro Wrestling, hence the company name and references.

The Dropkick Ads Mission

We're out to change the way digital marketing agencies do business. Most of the time, if you reach out for help from an agency their first question is, "how much money do you make."  While that can be an important ask in order to assess the services that best fit for that company, we've always felt icky about it.  So to fix that, we put our prices on our site in plain black and white.

We also wanted to help the budding entrepreneur, mainly because we're ones ourselves.  Not everyone needs or can afford full ad management services right when they start their new business.  This is why we offer Digital Marketing Gigs at affordable prices, giving them a boost as they grow from a real marketing agency.  We'll even email back and forth providing free tips after the order is complete because we just want to see them succeed. In that, there are a few words that drive our mission home...