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About Us

Dropkick Ads is a boutique marketing agency offering creative content and full brand management across the digital realm. 

With a name inspired by the peak of professional wrestling — the theatrics, the unpredictable characters, the nostalgia — Dropkick Ads is a marketing agency with personality, and it shows in our work.

Other marketing agencies don’t have creative copywriters and designers on staff — just account managers and sales teams. At Dropkick Ads, the creative side of advertising is just as important as the strategy. 

You may be a great inventor or a skilled business owner. We are natural born creatives. Let us help you market your niche in ways that you never thought of. Starting a business should be fun and so should its marketing. 

What will you get with Dropkick?

A Boutique Experience: 
You won’t get lost in the mix. We give your business the personal attention it deserves, with a direct line of contact to our CEO.

You know what you get, from pricing to management to results. We don’t sugarcoat our clients, either. If we don’t think you’re a fit, we won’t waste your time. 

Full Creative Team: 
Our imaginative copywriters and designers have the skills to turn your bootstrap business into an influential brand.

Gig Services: 
Grab & go — Get help as you need it with our à la carte digital marketing gigs.

The Man Behind the Curtain

If Orlando Rios is an expert in anything, it’s how to launch and grow a business. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Rios has kept the fire under his feet since day one. From slinging candy in grade school to creating a fully distributed music magazine (and later, a music festival), Rios is no stranger to getting passion projects off the ground.

With a start as a Social Media Coordinator for a world-renowned novelty company, Rios honed in on the internet’s top platforms. He moved on to become the Digital Marketing Manager for Onnit at its humble beginnings and helped it grow into a global phenomenon as a health and fitness lifestyle brand. 

With over a decade in digital marketing under his belt, Rios is a veteran in online strategy from the early internet and beyond. Throughout his career, he has worked on campaign collaborations with the WWE, UFC, Star Wars, and Marvel

Our Mission

Dropkick Ads exists to deliver clever marketing to businesses that want to stand out in the digital world. 

We’re out to change the way digital marketing agencies do business. We’re here to inspire the inspired; to help the budding entrepreneurs, the big-time businesses, and everything in-between. We communicate in plain English and we keep our prices black and white. 

Transparency. Creativity. Efficiency.