Ultimate Marketer Podcast

#95 Today's Best Lookalike Audiences

Most think that Facebook lookalike audiences are dead – I did too. However, they can still be a gem if you think about them outside of traditional ways.

In this episode, I'll explain the best lookalike audiences to try for your Facebook ad campaigns at this time.

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#93 Do Business Like Vince McMahon
When it comes to the pro wrestling business, it simply doesn't exist as it is today without Vince McMahon. With it being Wrestlemania weekend and with his recent interview on the Pat McAfee show, I thought it would be great to compile his lessons in being a great businessman.
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#92 What I Learned with TikTok Ads
I've been putting a lot of effort into growing my apparel brand with TikTok ads. There was a lot of failing in the beginning, but now I'm seeing why so many others are adding this platform to both organic and paid efforts.
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