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LinkedIn Ad Specs and Sizes: Everything You Need to Know

LinkedIn Ad Specs and Sizes: Everything You Need to Know

LinkedIn ads have become a great alternative to Facebook for business-to-business campaigns. If you’re ready to explore the world of paid advertising on LinkedIn, make sure you follow some best practices to get your ads up and running efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re advertising a product, service, job opportunity, or more, we’ve put together a straightforward guide to LinkedIn Ad specs and the benefits of different ad types. Keep scrolling to check it out!

LinkedIn Ad Specs and Ad Sizes

Single Image Ads

Single image ads help digital marketers get their message across in a simple but rich way and can be used with many different goals: from awareness to web clicks, to lead generation. Ensure that your LinkedIn ad size is correct in order to get the most out of this ad type!


  • Intro text: 600 character max for desktop, 150 max for mobile
  • Headline text: 200 character max, 70 characters to avoid truncation
  • Description text: Max 300 characters, but 100 characters to avoid truncation
  • Image size: 1200 x 627pixels in JPG or PNG format
  • Image Max file size: 5 MB

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads helps you tell a full story of your product or service by showing 2-10 scrollable images and supporting text. Play around with the number and order of images to optimize performance and ensure that text is short but effective to supplement your images rather than distracting from them.


  • Intro text: 255 characters max, the ideal is 150 characters or less
  • Headline text: 30 character max for lead gen ads or 45 character max for website click ads
  • Images size: 1080x1080 pixels in JPG, PNG, GIF (non-animated)
  • Image Max file size: 10MB

Video Ads

Video ads help marketers “stop the scroll” with an ad type that is more dynamic and interesting than still image ads. Video ads are also flexible and are able to be used for a variety of different ad objectives. In order to ensure that your video will upload and run correctly, follow the specific LinkedIn ad specs for video ads below.

  • Intro text: 600 characters max, the ideal is 150 characters or less
  • Video Length: three seconds to 30 minutes
  • Video Size: 1440x1080 Landscape, 1080x1080 Square, or 1080x1920 Vertical
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Video File size: 75KB to 200MB

Follower & Spotlight Ads

Both of these ads use profile pictures, company names, and your brand’s logo to draw in viewers to either follow you/your organization or to visit your company website or landing page. These ads are considered Dynamic Ads, meaning that they are also as targeted and customized based on a user’s interest, job role/industry, and more.

  • Intro text: 70 characters max
  • Headline text: 50 characters max
  • Company name: 25 characters max
  • Call to Action text: 18 characters max (pre-written in Follower Ads)
  • Image size: 100x100 pixels minimum in JPG or PNG format

Conversation/InMail Ads

InMail ads allow you to speak to audiences directly in their LinkedIn inbox. This feature allows marketers to share longer content with audiences without having to source and send using email lists. The LinkedIn ad specs for Inmail ads are as follows:

  • Message subject text: 60 characters max
  • Message body text: 1,500 characters max
  • Links: 3 links max
  • Call to action text: 70 characters max
  • Banner image size: 300x250 pixels in JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • Max image file size: 40KB

Job Ads

Jobs ads allow organizations to target qualified candidates by suggesting one or more job openings to their LinkedIn audience. As with Follower and Spotlight ads, these are only shown to qualified candidates and are dynamically generated with your profile picture, company logo, and/or company name.

  • Headline text: 70 characters max
  • Company name: 25 characters max
  • Call to Action: pre-written with customization options
  • Image size: 100x100 pixels minimum, larger images are preferred

Text Ads

Text ads provide a low level of entry for any digital marketer to explore the world of online paid advertising. Although they are called text ads, they are actually accompanied by a small, but simple image and are typically shown on the right of the LinkedIn feed. Plus, LinkedIn only charges marketers per click, conversion, or website visit, so marketers don’t waste money on ads that don’t work.

  • Headline text: 25 characters max
  • Description text: 75 characters max
  • Image size: 100x100 pixels in JPG or PNG format
  • Max image file size: 2MB

Overall, LinkedIn ads are a comprehensive and fairly straightforward tool for digital marketers. However, to get the most out of your ads, be sure to follow the guidelines LinkedIn ad sizes and specs for best results. Feeling overwhelmed? Never fear, Dropkick Ads offers pre-written and designed images at an affordable price for any business!