Pixel Installation

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The Best Facebook & AdWords Pixel Installation

Do you know what a Facebook pixel is? If not, your competition probably does!

A pixel is a special script code that goes into your website head tag. It works in conjunction with Facebook to track what users do on your website after they’ve clicked on an ad. The pixel then uses this information to refine the ad and its audience in ways never before possible.

The many benefits of Facebook pixel installation include:

  • Ad optimization – Assign monetary values to your conversions and see how much each ad earns.
  • Retargeting – Re-engage those who have visited your site before for additional conversions.
  • Event tracking – Categorizes crucial events such as purchases made, forms filled, and searches made on your website so you can easily track your successes and refine website infrastructure.
  • Audience building – Tap into the immense marketing resources of Facebook to find new audiences who share the same habits and hobbies as your existing market.

Want to do things like re-advertise to someone who once put a specific item in their basket but did not checkout? See how many times your app has been installed? Compare the interest levels of specific items in your inventory? Target motivated audiences with the most purchasing power? We know how.

Let Dropkick Ads Bring Your Facebook Pixel Up to Date

The right pixel unlocks and leverages a trove of Facebook consumer data in your favor. We install customizable Facebook pixels that will generate the most business for the least amount of ad spending.

A company that doesn’t have a Facebook pixel is basically throwing their ad to the farthest corners of the internet and hoping it sticks. This blind approach may have worked to a limited degree before, but advertising has been heavily optimized in recent years, and even if you have the best Facebook ad copy ever written, it doesn’t matter unless the right eyes are reading it.

Let Dropkick Ads install and test a Facebook pixel that will let you see exactly how users interact with your webpage after they click an ad – all while building up new audiences. We are digital marketing masters who can typically customize, install and test a Facebook pixel within six business days or less.  


  • Step One: Order the pixel installation.
  • Step Two: Fill out our detailed questionnaire.
  • Step Three: Accept our request for site access.
  • Step Four: We install and test the pixel.

Recap: What is a Facebook Pixel Good For?

So, what is a Facebook pixel good for? More than just advertising.

A Facebook pixel shows which pages on your website are the most appealing to customers and which ones need to be revamped. You can target specific audiences within a set price range, retarget previous visitors who have shown interest in your page before, and even advertise to new audiences based on common key interests shared among current brand loyalists.

Dropkick Ads can install a pixel on your website that lets you monitor web traffic and control ad targeting in the ways that matter most to you. We’re experts. Contact us today and let’s talk about the best way to install a Facebook or AdWords pixel on your website.