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This marketing podcast means business. Join host Orlando Rios for a weekly introspective on all things marketing so you can pull leads, make sales, and scale your online empire.

With Ultimate Marketer, we're aiming to provide a real marketing podcast that helps anyone become a well-rounded marketer – whether you're an established digital marketing officer or just getting started with your first business, you will gain new insights about digital, internet, and traditional marketing.

Hosted by marketing and podcast veteran Orlando Rios, you can find new episodes every Tuesday on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or Google Podcasts!

Every week you'll get actionable advice from expert marketing podcast guests as well as a chance to get your questions answered. We'll also analyze how each platform determines ad policy, dissect and debate the general public’s ever-changing views on marketing, and discuss the government’s evolving roles in marketing ecosystems. If it affects you as a marketer, this marketing podcast will cover it. 

Learn how to be become a marketing champion on modern digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. Optimize traditional and internet marketing promotions and advertisements based on the audience, their interests, and the average retention rate and attention span. Become a versatile marketing champion who never gives up even when you’re on top or have had a taste of success.

Orlando Rios, Host of Ultimate Marketer


About The Host

Orlando Rios has helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs and businesses improve their digital marketing by changing the way they create ads and target the public. As producer and host of the Total Human Optimization Podcast, Orlando inspired 20,000 downloads per episode working for Onnit, a health and fitness lifestyle brand co-owned by Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus. He also authored The Podcast Book.

The focus of the Ultimate Marketer is to learn how to become a marketing champion, a powerful influencer who comes from a place of service and knows no endpoint to their efforts. To do this, Orlando approaches the Ultimate Marketer podcast as both a master and a student learning alongside his listeners. Like he says, “If you aren’t learning, you aren’t earning!”

Far too often, even the very “best” marketing podcasts limit themselves by focusing only on the financial aspects of success. Orlando explores the entire spectrum of what makes a marketer successful – not just ad aptitude, but mental capacity, confidence, ambition, physical fitness, and more. Learn how to experience success while retaining your humanity and life balance, not as a “marketing machine”!


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