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Facebook Ad Examples That Convert Sales and Leads

Here Are 80 Facebook Ad Examples from a Good Facebook Ads Company – Us!

Facebook Ad Examples That Convert

Whether you plan to make them yourself or hire a company who designs Facebook ads for you, finding good Facebook ad examples that work is the first step towards developing any successful ad campaign.    

Dropkick Ads – the digital marketing champions from Austin, TX – create high-converting Facebook ad copy and images. We are eager to show you our very best Facebook ad examples from every industry:

  • Real estate
  • Photography (wedding photography, etc.)
  • Travel
  • Food brands
  • Fitness
  • Much more (80 Facebook ad examples that are proven to work well)!

These Facebook ad image examples are certain to spark exciting new ad possibilities for your product or services. To better understand the advanced techniques behind these examples, let’s go over the basics of what makes a Facebook ad good and work in the first place.

Facebook Ads: Attracting Audiences Through Algorithms

If you are a novice when it comes to Facebook advertising, here is a free lesson that you absolutely need to learn as early as possible . . .

An advertisement on Facebook is not like a billboard that everyone on the same road is going to pass by. Facebook itself is going to scan your ad and give it the digital thumbs-up or thumbs-down using a predetermined set of rules called algorithms. If your ad does not satisfy these algorithms, then the ad hardly gets shown to anyone, let alone those most likely to buy.

Conversely, an ad that satisfies all of the algorithms has a far greater likelihood of success or even going viral. This is why it is important to stay on top of new Facebook algorithms, which are primarily designed to declutter the platform and streamline ads for today’s increasingly mobile-oriented audience.

You might write the best ad copy in the entire world, but consider this: 96 percent of users engage Facebook on a mobile device, so if you are not formatting the ad to satisfy Facebook’s mobile algorithms, then your well-written ad is automatically hidden from all but 4 percent of the market.

How Our Facebook Ad Examples Meet the Algorithms to Reach the Audience

As a company who writes Facebook ads for you, we know exactly what your ad needs to contain to be considered high quality and avoid being “blacklisted” by Facebook’s algorithms.

We stay on top of the latest Facebook ad formats and trends so you can get back to worrying about day-to-day operations. For example, a Facebook ad should correctly implement the following elements:

  • Word count and length
  • Aspect ratio
  • Quality Ranking
  • Engagement Rate Ranking
  • Conversion Rate Ranking
  • Pixel installation

It is natural to wonder which of these elements are the most important, and the answer is all of them. If your ad is lacking just one aspect – be it technical, conventional, or otherwise – then the first competitor who has it all is going to win by tapping into your audience more aggressively, and sooner, than you do.

Dropkick Ads prevents this scenario from happening by adhering to the appropriate . . .

Word Count and Length

Our Facebook copywriters know how to write ad copy to mobile algorithms and specifications. We know the maximum length for an ad title is 25 characters, the maximum ad length for the body is 3 lines of text before it displays as “See More”, and all of the other formatting tricks needed to get the best out of your spacing down to the very last word.

Aspect Ratio

In our Facebook ad example kit, you will notice that almost all of our great Facebook ad examples have been formatted to the more favorable aspect ratio of 1:1 (1080x1080). That is because Facebook ads with vertical images of 9:16 (1080x1920) are now only recommended for Facebook Stories or Instagram. Other Facebook ad companies oftentimes still do not understand this and will charge you for an ad design with an unoptimized aspect ratio, a common mistake our Facebook ad designers never make.

Quality Ranking

One of the newest metrics for Facebook ads is Quality Ranking, which compares how many times the target audience views or hides an ad, assigning a score to each ad in an effort to reduce low quality, “clickbait” ads.

Engagement Rank Rating

This compares your ad to other competing ads with the same target audience to predict which ads are most likely to succeed over others.

Conversion Rank Rating

Similar to Quality Ranking but with additional audience targeting parameters to help you meet your personal Optimization Goals.

Pixel Installation

Pixel installation is the heart of all Facebook ad campaigns. This embedded code allows you to track how individuals interact with your ad so they can be retargeted.

Installing Pixel lets you track:

  • Site pages visited
  • Site pages unvisited
  • When the site was visited
  • How long the site was visited for


Using this information, you can retarget consumers who have visited specific pages (like the checkout screen to buy something or a scheduling menu to make an appointment), haven’t visited your site in a while, and so much more. Without Pixel tracking, a Facebook ad is simply not worthwhile.

Facebook Video Ads

Dropkick Ads does not currently offer Facebook video ads at this time, but we will soon. Check back for more information about upcoming Facebook video ad services.

So, Are You Ready to Get 80 of the Best Facebook Ad Examples of Every Industry?

From real estate Facebook ad examples, to wedding photography Facebook ad examples, travel, fitness and more, the Dropkick Ads Facebook Ad Example Kit has good Facebook ad examples that work across every industry!

Let Dropkick Ads Get Creative for You

Creating the right Facebook ad not only requires an understanding of the traditional marketing aspects of storytelling, trust-building and persuasiveness, but also a high level of newly emerging technical skills.

Facebook has offered advertising since 2004, and many companies have been doing it since day one. You can try to learn how to write amazing Facebook copy on your own and hope for a random break . . .

. . . or, you can check out the digital marketing services of a professional Facebook ads company like Dropkick Ads. Unleash an army of creative and well-experienced Facebook ad copywriters, designers and other professionals to design Facebook ads that will work for you and your brand!