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Track Your True Ads ROAS

Track Your True ROAS from Facebook and Google Ads

Use this simple spreadsheet template to more accurately track your ads impact on revenue.

Compatible with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Apple Numbers!

How To Use and Analyze This Spreadsheet

Enter data in the spreadsheet, find your true ROAS, and identify patterns.

Why This Is The New Way To Track ROAS in 2021

As ad buyers, we depend on accurate data to make decisions on the campaigns we're running. With updates from Apple and their iOS14 policy, our ability to track the effectiveness of ads more difficult. The truth is we may be entering an age of cookieless tracking, which will change how we analyze and report our ad spends.

However, this may be a blessing in disguise.

The Facebook and Google platforms have always given only a proportional view of how ads are influencing new customers and new sales. In reality, we all should've been taking a wider look at overall business health and how the traffic we send correlates to the data we see in our store.

This simple spreadsheet will help you see your overall ads to business health more accurately and identify patterns in ad spend to traffic and sales. Make sure to watch the video to get a full understanding and get ideas on how to use the data to make confident decisions.