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We Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Struggling with how to describe your product to entice sales? Don't let potential customers leave your store because of a lack of information or motivation. Let our experts come to the rescue with expert product description copy.

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Product Description
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Product Description Writing Services That Sell

Writing product descriptions that sell is just as important as the overall quality and experience of the product. Descriptions that use the right words to explain what a product does and how it can help the consumer do better than product descriptions that fail to convey relevant information fast and clearly.

Dropkick Ads writes more than ad copy. We write product descriptions that sell.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Want to know how to write product descriptions that sell?

  • Demonstrate the product’s intended use.
  • Connect with the audience through light storytelling.
  • Solve a problem for them that will make life easier.

Product description writing sounds easy, right? Well, if just anybody could do it, then there would be no need for professional product description writing services! Product descriptions that sell really well are written by copywriters who can infuse personality into the product in a way that images alone cannot.

Don’t force shoppers to rely on images or reviews to understand if your product meets their needs. If your product descriptions are not going into enough depth (or too much), then customers will choose a competitor company that describes their product better than you. That’s what we don’t let happen.

We identify the audience and their specific needs. We take into consideration age ranges, interests, and most importantly, how the target audience can be spoken to in a way that persuades them to choose your company’s product. Descriptions written by our copywriters are cleanly formatted, error-free, and leave no room for misunderstandings, helping to prevent against returns, bad reviews, and lawsuits.

Bad Product Descriptions Are Harmful to Businesses

A bad product description (or no description at all) leaves your company susceptible to the pitfalls of public interpretation. Without the appropriate product information to go by, people are more likely to feel disappointed or even mislead after purchasing. This single negative experience can dissuade them from using any product by your brand ever again (and they’ll let their friends know, too).

There are also legal terms to worry about. Does your team know the difference between “waterproof” and “water-resistant”? Are you accidentally committing trademark infringement by describing your baby clothes as a “Onesie”? A team of copywriters can save your business from a team of lawyers.

Expert Product Description Writing Services

We have the writing skills to successfully influence not just any audience – your audience. We appeal to the unique psychology behind your industry, quickly making the audience aware of your product’s highest value features in a way that’s exactly how they want to be addressed. Dropkick Ads will write an expert product description of up to 150 words that highlights everything important about your product and leaves customers intrigued, informed, and ready to buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the product description we'll receive?
We'll write a description of up to 150 words.

Do I need to send you the product?
Thanks to our creative brief process, there is no need to send us your product. Just give us the best info you can about your product and we'll do the research to write stellar copy.

Will you place the description on my site for me?
Our service only provides the creative. You must copy and paste the description into your site.

What is the turnaround time?
Our standard turnaround time is around 3 business days. Since this service requires more skill, it can take a little longer than other offerings.

Do you offer guarantees or refunds?
We aim to put you in the best position to be successful, however can't guarantee any specific result.

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