Ultimate Marketer Podcast: #21 How to be a CEO with David Mandell

Ultimate Marketer Podcast: #21 How to be a CEO with David Mandell

David Mandell is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded several companies and is also a mentor for TechStars, helping startups and entrepreneurs at various points of their development. In this episode, we discuss the characteristics of a great CEO including when to scale, seeking capital, building a team, company culture, and when to call it quits.

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[1:00] About David Mandell

[2:50] When does a hobby become a business

[3:34] When to scale the business with help

[5:19] How to judge a potential new hire

[10:00] Employees vs contractors

[11:30] When to seek capital

[14:45] When to start paying yourself

[16:10] Characteristics of a great CEO and Founder

[18:50] Biggest mistakes young owners make

[21:31] Tips on company culture

[27:00] Dealing with the pressures of being a CEO

[30:50] Overcoming a business that's plateauing

[33:30] When it's time to shut down a business

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