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Ultimate Marketer Podcast: #1 The Ultimate Marketer Kick-Off, Many Chat Text Message Marketing, and Your Questions Answered

Ultimate Marketer Podcast: #1 The Ultimate Marketer Kick-Off, Many Chat Text Message Marketing, and Your Questions Answered

It's the Ultimate Marketer kick-off show! In this inaugural episode, we set the foundation and goals for this podcast, discuss Many Chat's new text message marketing feature, and answer your questions on Clickfunnels, CBO, Facebook ads, and more!

It's the Ultimate Marketer kick-off show! In this inaugural episode, we set the foundation and goals for this podcast, discuss Many Chat's new text message marketing feature, and answer your questions on Clickfunnels, CBO, Facebook ads, and more!


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All right, welcome to the very first episode of the ultimate marketer. I hope you liked that intro that was made by Arif Hadzik. Of Ollio music. I had to make that custom intro. It's kind of cool. It's a, maybe a little bit corny, but you know what, that's my personality, so I'm totally okay with it. And you know, this is the first time I've been on the mic and doing a podcast in probably two years.

I used to be the host of the [inaudible] podcast, the total human optimization podcast. Did that for several years and was doing stuff about health, fitness, interviewing, all types of cool people. And now since I'm doing marketing now and in the marketing business, now we're going to talk about marketing. That's what this podcast is going to be all about. So of course this show is brought to you by drop kick ads and if you need better performing Facebook ads, Google ads, whatever it is, we can do that for you.

We make ad copy that sells imagery that stops the scroll and targeting that is irrelevant to the product or service you're linking to. Whether you need just help with a, with a quick service, a little gig maybe to help out your creative or if you need us to run everything for you, we can do that. So with this new podcast and since this is sponsored, I guess by Dropkick ads, we're going to have a promo for you 10% off with the code ultimate, so that works on any of our gig services. If you just need ad copy or hell if you, even if you need a full pro set up, that code will work. So go to Dropkick use promo code ultimate for 10% off. So ultimate marketer Pat podcast.

Why? Why am I doing this? Well, like I mentioned earlier in the, in the show just a bit ago, I haven't done podcasting in a long time and it's something that I used to do every single week when I was host of the total human optimization podcast for on it, we had hundreds of thousands of listeners. You know, every single episode. So I'm probably gonna take me some time. It's gonna take me some time to get back to those numbers with this brand new podcast. But I had so much fun doing that.

I learned so much with interviewing all types of different people and I kind of missed it. And before I actually used to run a podcasting website and I wrote two podcasting books, actually three podcasting books and I kind of just disappeared from the scene. As I started doing more marketing and, and, but now I'm making a return and I'm, and I'm happy to be doing it. It's something I've been wanting to get back into for a while and very much happy to be doing it. And if you saw the cover of this podcast, how is that not bad ass? That was done by my friend Chad. He goes by the art fury.

You can find them online via art, I believe is the domain. And he put together this awesome podcast cover that was kind of based on this old ultimate Mark ultimate warrior poster from the late eighties, early nineties. And if you, if you have any knowledge about me about this business, you know, that I'm highly influenced by professional wrestling. It's something that I grew up with and it means a lot to me. I just remember Saturday mornings waking up, watching old Kogan, macho man, ultimate warrior, all the grades. And when I think about those times, it just takes me back. It takes me back to being a kid sitting on my parent's bed and just watching wrestling on Saturday morning and you know, what's, what's a better memory than that?

So that's why it's so influenced in everything I do with, with the marketing agency, with Dropkick ads who does this podcast. Anything I do will always probably have some kind of reference to professional wrestling and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. So the basis of this podcast, well, it's going to be something kind of kind of different. So yes, this podcast will be about marketing and I'm going to try to give all the knowledge that I have. Okay. Whether it's in Facebook or Google or just general marketing and general business in general. But I'm also hoping to learn along with you, the listener, because while I do feel like I'm knowledgeable and I feel like I, I, since I've been doing this for such a long time, there is always still time and always more room to learn.

So I'm hoping when we do this PO, as we do this podcast, I'll discover things that I, that I didn't know myself. So in Nevada aspect, you know, I'm learning too, and I'm learning with you and you know, not just, you know, always just trying to find ways to make more money.

But I want to try to have this podcast ways that we can also improve our lives in general. Because yes, you know, money is important as a marketer, you know, that's, that's why we're in this thing, you know, to, to, to increase our, our, our financial gain and improve our lives economically. But at the same time, we should also focus on, on things that, that are also important.

You know, we can't do our job as marketers if, if we don't feel good, and if we're not in a good state of physical health, you know, eh, good state of emotional health, a good state of mental health. All those things are equally important as, as everything else. And if we, if we do all those things, we can try to have a better life. So that's the basis of this podcast to, to, to learn to improve ourselves, not only in the ad platforms that we see the data going through, but also just ourselves in general.

And I'm here to learn with you. I'm just the host of this podcast. I'm not saying that I'm a big expert in everything, so I, I welcome to learn along with you. And well, the biggest hurdle of any podcast is figuring out the content. You know, how many times can we talk about Facebook ads every week, right? So, you know, I'm going to try the best I can to, to create, you know, variants between episodes and like this episode, I don't have a guest. This episode, I'm just talking about what this podcast is.

I have a couple of things that I'm going to talk about, but then I also have questions from you, questions that we get from Dropkick ads all the time. Through Facebook messenger, through emails. I'm going to answer your questions that you have the best I can and I hope that is a continual part of this show that we'll do. And I'm going to set up something on the site that, that way we can, you know, provide an easier way for you to ask the questions that you want to ask.

And not necessarily that I'm gonna provide you the perfect answer, but I'm going to help try to find that answer along with you if I don't know it, if I'm not super knowledgeable about that, I'm going to try to find out a little about that along with you. So I do want to have guests though, and that's not going to be a thing that I can do every single week, obviously with, with scheduling and, and all those things that come along with having guests. But I want to have a range of guests.

Like I said, like I said a moment ago, not just digital marketers. Yes, we're going to have digital marketers on this show. People that are experts in what they do, so we can learn from them on how to better our business or if you're a marketing agency, how to, you know, more knowledge on, on how you can better things for your clients.

But also, like I said, I used to be the host of a health show. So I'm interested in that stuff and that stuff is equally important as everything else. So I want to talk to health professionals, making sure our health is up, up to par so that we can do the job that we do mental health professionals so we can get in the right mindset to perform at our optimal levels.

Those all, all those things are equally as important and it's going to be fun. I'm, I'm just so excited. I'm so stoked that intro music is just amazing. The podcast covers amazing. I feel amazing and I'm so excited to finally be back on the mic in podcasting again. And we're going to try to do this every single week and the, we're going to try to bring this out every Tuesday morning.

That's the goal. Of course there's gonna be wrenches thrown into those plans. That's just the way it is, you know, running a business still while trying to do all of this. So come along with me on this ride and we'll see what we can do. I hope, I hope this is a fun podcast that, that you'll learn to enjoy and hopefully look forward to. So first off, the mate, first thing that I want to talk about a little bit is many chat and some of the new features that they have brought in that is going to one opinion is improve our ability to market.

But I have another thought on it. I, I have a second thought on that. So let me bring this in for you. So many chat recently they had a conference here in Austin. I did not attend, but I did see the notes and did see everything that was announced along with new things in regarding Manny chat. Now they have an interesting position there in many chat is based on Facebook messenger. So what does Facebook do? Anytime anything gets popular, they take over, right? So Instagram got really popular.

What happened? They bought them out, you know, I think Snapchat got popular and they turned down Facebook too to get bought and sin and then they just made stories on Instagram and now they've taken a huge market share for that kind of of, of placement. And now I think maybe Snapchat is Barbara. We regretful of that. So messenger marketing has been growing. It's been a thing that's been growing for the last couple of years and Facebook has, has noticed that and they're starting to do their own thing with Facebook messenger as they make messenger and Facebook groups a big part of their app overhaul.

As they try to figure out a way to not be so dependent on the news, which has created a bunch of little problems in, in Facebook's history. So they, they want to change the, the, the focus of, of the entire app to be more on, on groups and messaging. So with that many chat is attempting to to add an extra thing, an extra little sparkle to their platform to help us as marketers and take this to another level. And this thing is text message marketing. Now, text message marketing isn't new. It's something that's been around for a while, but this is kind of the first time that you can use text message marketing within a marketing flow.

So let me give you an example within with many chat, if somebody comments on one of your ads and you have a growth tool set up we do this for, for Dropkick ads we ask, Hey, do you want a sample of our Facebook ads that convert? Just request it in the comments of the ad. We get hundreds of people that comment, yes, send me a sample. Yes, I would love an example for my business. We have a growth tool set up so that when that happens, an automatic bot messages them on Facebook messenger and says, Hey, Hey Tom, what's up buddy?

You wanted a sample for our Facebook as a convert kit? Just say yes and we'll send it to you. So they say yes and then we send them the examples kit. Now what happens after that is exactly this. We set up a mini chat tag on that potential customer and we use Shopify for, for our our store and if they purchase, they get tagged as a purchaser in many chat. If they don't purchase within 24 hours.

After receiving our examples kit from our Facebook ad and our message in many chat to Facebook messenger, we send them another message on Facebook messenger saying, Hey buddy, if you want some Facebook ads to convert custom made for you, check out our special offers that we have right now. Now that's been very effective for us and other businesses are doing things exactly like this.

They're using the messenger platform to keep a content, a constant contact with a potential customer. Now you can follow up that flow continuously as long as the potential customer interacts with you. So you ask questions that get a question that get root that would require an answer and if they don't answer, then you know the flow can kind of end there. But you also always give them an opportunity to unsubscribe.

You don't want them to be a part of something they don't want to be a part of. And so why is this so beneficial? Well, the reason is it's not like email. It's not something they can just archive right away, throw in the trash right away without seeing, because they know it's potentially a, a marketing email, Facebook messenger.

You get an alert on your phone, it's there. You can't really get away from it. So that's why it's been so successful for everybody. And now with this, the addition that mini chat is made to include text message marketing. We're in a new little era here. So of course you can't just text message to this person. If you don't have their, their phone, their, their cell number, that is going to be part of a flow. So within your flow, you're going to have to come up with a creative way to ask the customer for their phone number and you're gonna have to make it in a way that they want to give it to you.

So what happens then is that you take the conversation that you're having through messenger with your bot and your potential customer and you move it to text message. What's more unavoidable than in many chat, Facebook message, text message. That's the next thing and you know, forget about calls. Nobody's answering calls anymore because every single call spam, which brings me to this point, are we going in a bad direction with involving text messaging in our marketing now?

It depends on the business in my opinion. There's certain businesses where this makes more sense than other businesses. For example, and before the I say this, I'm going to disclaimer what I'm about to say by saying that, yes, I may potentially try this. I haven't decided yet. I'm against it right now, but it's something that I might eventually try for my business and some of the clients that I work for a work with [Inaudible].

I think it's a little too intrusive. Personally, I think it has the opportunity to, to create a friction or some kind of invasion of privacy for the potential customer. If you can find a way where you're providing value via the, via the text message that you're going to send, then it might be a vie. It might be a viable option. However, if you abuse it, if it's something that doesn't make sense for the, for the platform, I don't think you should use it.

Let me you an example of, of a business that this makes total sense for, and I'm gonna bring this up because I actually did this today and it wasn't through many chat, but I found myself signing up for, for service through text message. So I needed the house to be cleaned this week. My brother's coming into town, we're going to see guns and roses this weekend at ACL Fest and wearing the guns and roses shirt right now. And we needed the house to be deep cleaned, nice and cleaned up.

So then when my brother gets here that you know, everything sparkling clean and we present the solution that we're with this clean all the time. So I went online to a, a local house cleaning service website filled out their form. Part of that that was required was the phone number and it's for quote, you get a quote, instant quote for the services that you need. Now when I did that, immediately I got a text message from a representative saying, Hey thank you for requesting, you know, house cleaning services from us.

Does this time work for you? Responded back, yes, this is perfect. You know, do you have any pets? All those kinds of questions were all done through text message and I was completely fine with it. I think that was way better because it's something that I needed right then I needed to schedule right then and right now, right then at the time so that I can be sure that that we have this all set up ready to go. I don't have to think about it anymore.

So in that terms of things, those, that terms of things, that is perfect way to use that. So overall a thought process here when you, when it comes to to messenger marketing into a text message, I think we should think of it for services. Think about it. If you're a real estate agent, a house cleaning service, a plumber, any of those things that people want a service right away.

People something that people search on Google for and they say whatever that service is near me, that is the perfect type of service, perfect type of business to use the many chat, messenger, marketing, text message, marketing flow. So that's kind of all I wanted to touch on on that and but I think as we come up with these new things, we need to be very careful because if we overuse it, we abuse it. People get really tired of it right away.

So if you're going to start using this, use it carefully. And like I said, if you're a service based business, I think you're going to have the best success with that. And with that, now it's time to answer your questions that you had. Now I don't know if I'm going to be able to answer all of them, but I'm going to do my best and like I said, I'm going to learn with you guys. So first off, I want to say if you want to submit your own questions for a future episode, I'm going to set something up at Dropkick I'm going to set up a form there and you'll be able to send in your questions that you have and I'll shout you out. And maybe you know, we'll, we'll come up with the answer for you. I don't know. We'll have to see on that. All right. First question, Orlando.

I'm concerned about CBO. Will this be better for marketers? Okay, so CBO, that's campaign budget optimization and it's something that Facebook F if you, if you've placed in it, had recently in created a brand new campaign, you'll notice an option there. Would you like campaign budget optimization? And what that is for those that may be unfamiliar is instead of the old way of policing your budgets, we either daily or lifetime on individual ad sets within your Facebook campaign ad campaign. Instead you put the budget at the campaign level and Facebook will spend that budget.

We either daily or lifetime and spread it across the ad sets within that campaign as it sees fit, whatever ad set is getting more of the goal that you're seeking, whether that be traffic, landing page views, conversions, purchases, leads, it's going to allocate more of that budget to the ad sets that are performing that are getting the desired action. So will this be better for marketers? Great. Yes and no in my opinion. And the reason why is this [Inaudible] Just because it's going to take more time to do certain things you want to do.

Now, if you're not a super experienced Facebook ad manager or if you're managing a ton of different ads as you're trying out a ton of different creative, this is going to do well for you because it's going to take the guessing game out of the picture. And Facebook is so smart with dealing with the data that it's going to optimize things for you. It's going to stop spending things on the things that aren't performing for you. The audit. And you know, and when you do your ad sets, each ad set should be thought of as different audiences, whether it be like look an interest based, a different variation, a look alike in that aspect of things. Campaign budget optimization is going to be a plus for the majority of marketers. Now the downfall is going to be this.

When you're here every time you want to try a brand new audience you've never tried before. I wouldn't necessarily say if you had three brand new audiences, I wouldn't necessarily want to leave that to campaign budget optimization right away. Yeah. Especially if I'm trying new creative, new whole new thing. I don't want to throw it into that fire yet. So instead of the old wave having ad sets with daily budgets each individually, you're going to have to con you're going to have to create a brand new campaign for every different test that you want to do for every single different audience you want to do.

So the dashboards in to get a little crazy, and if you've seen the brand new design of the new Facebook ads manager, I hate it. I think it's too white and you can't disseminate between different things easily enough, it's going to be a little bit of a problem. So that's my thoughts on that. Ultimately, I think it's a good thing. It's a big help and it's just something that we're going to have to learn to do because as Facebook does it, everything, they introduce new things and you get to try it for a little bit, but then they make it 100% that's all you get to do.

So next question. Dropkick I'm running ads. I love it. Sometimes people call me Dropkick, which, which I learned that an Australian is actually a slang for idiot. So I feel like people are calling me an idiot. Oh, well. So it didn't drop kick. I'm running ads and getting clicks, but not seeing any purchases. What should I look for? Well, this is a common thing I hear. If you're running ads and you're getting great clicks, great click through rate, you know, everything seems fine. You're getting people to your page. But if you're, if you're doing purchases, obviously you're trying to sell a product.

There's only a couple of other things that could be wrong there. Now, yes, granted an ad does have a portion of the, of the, of the responsibility of creating a sale. Ultimately the product and the way it's displayed on the page is going to have to close the deal. So it could be the product, it just may not, it may be a product that they can get too easily anywhere else. And if they can get it easy, easily anywhere else, the offer may not be good enough for them to want to get it from you, from your site. Especially when you're competing with people like Amazon or companies like Amazon.

Your copy on your page might need, may not be enough though. The way you have the page set up may not be enticing enough for somebody that's coming off an ad and needs to know what, what, what you're, what you're selling right away. So, you know, there's many parts to one page and I, these are the steps that I always remind people is, you know, what is the problem this person is facing for your product or service? What is the solution for that problem? Why are you the one to solve that problem? And then why should they trust you?

The trust builders, so important reviews videos from past customers, those type of things are important parts of a landing page experience. So those are are the main things that I would focus on. If you're getting great click through, you're getting clicks from your ads, as long as you have the right optimization set up, you have the pixel set up. Okay And you're not getting results. Start looking at your product, start looking at your offer and start looking at your landing page because those are equally important.

There is no such thing as a great ad. They can sell a shit product, it's just not possible. Or Lando is click funnels a good platform in your opinion? Yes, in my opinion click funnels is good, but Astrick Mark. So one of the biggest problems I see cause as we see a ton, we get a lot of ad creative orders and a lot of good portion of those people seem to use click funnels. They forget to do a couple of things. Number one, they forget to hide the click funnels affiliate banner that shows up on the bottom right hand at the page. Number two, they don't add a custom sub domain or domain to their click funnels account. So whenever people see their ads on Facebook, they see, you know, blah blah, blah. Dot there's so many of those ads out there that if you don't, if you don't do that, if you don't make those changes, then people already have have become accustomed to seeing that and they kind of already know what they're in. You're telling them that they're in a funnel, why would you want to tell them that they're in a funnel?

So the things I like about ClickFunnels is the upsell ability. It gives an option for people to fill out their payment information for the product or service they want to buy. And then once they've already done that, you have the opportunity to upsell them and then down sell them and then maybe help sell them. Again, your choice before the checkout is complete. And throughout that process, the customer doesn't have to reenter their payment information. So that's fricking awesome. That's something you can't really do on Shopify. A cart hook on Shopify gives you an example of that post-purchase, but that presents a lot of problems on its own. And cart hooks is extremely expensive for a, you know, a regular consumer.

Yeah. So yes, I think ClickFunnels is a great platform. It has a great easy builder, but just don't forget to do the customizations for it. The mainly the domain name main and then, you know, make sure that affiliate banners off, like create your own experience.

This is your brand. It should not say anything regarding click funnels. It should be your own brand. So that's the only thing I would say about that. Great. Orlando, what kind of ads work best on Facebook for finding new customers? Well, that's kind of a loaded question.

There's a ton. Obviously the conversions. Optimization is great. If you have a great landing page, Hey, maybe you have a landing page on click funnels lead gen ads or the ads that show up on Facebook and Instagram. And you can, the potential customer can fill out the contact info in the feed without leaving and having to go to a landing page with the simplicity of that. You can get a lot of leads. But I have found that a lot of times when it comes to lead gen ads, well the quality of the ad can be reduced. Especially now in terms of anything relating to housing, there's been a lot of limiting due to privacy policy stuff that doesn't allow you to, to really hone in on a good perspective, a potential customer in that aspect.

So you know, if you, if you have a a product or if you're getting leads, you know, the conversion optimization is always the, is the best in my opinion, if you have a good landing page because you can optimize on that and build audiences upon that and look alikes. If you're just starting doing ads, I would do that first, get people to any page with a pixel on it so that way you can build those audiences. And then, you know, there is a place for Legion, but you have to build those out.

Build those forms out in a good way where you can have some, a qualifiers so that you can make sure that you get the most qualified potential customer. So that's what I would say about that. Dropkick I have a real estate business in Florida. What would you recommend for me when setting up Facebook ads? Well, like I just mentioned, those two things. I rec, I recommend everybody have a landing page, a simple landing page, building click funnels, build it in something like, like Insta page or you know, Squarespace, whatever it is. Make sure your pixels there, make sure you're, you're tracking events like leads or purchases, whatever it is.

Anytime you get a new customer and for real estate, especially those lead gen ads could be good. But like I said, there's new policies for, for anything, you know, housing related. So it gets a little tricky. But those are the type of ads I would run both. If you're in the real estate industry, and here's a little trick as well, you know, it depends in this, this is depending on, on where, how hot the market is, where, where you're servicing.

If you're in Austin, you know, houses and things like that go really, really fast and they're not gonna, you know, things are gonna change really quickly. But you know, maybe you have just a, you know, slightly more Luke warm market things like setting up a catalog, setting up a catalog of the houses that, or the properties that you represent. Could be great because you could do a carousel ad for those and show all the current properties. You can update that, the, your, your catalog and your property list via Google sheets.

Maybe there's a, you know, I'm not a real estate agent, so maybe there's some kind of of way where you can connect available is in the MLS listings with Google sheets. It's always updated and has the correct forms that you turn into a catalog and you use that catalog to always show the newest and the best properties available for your market. As a carousel ad in Facebook and Instagram. I think that would be really, really, really cool.

Dropkick any advice for supplement marketers? Well, I'm glad you asked. As I mentioned early in the show I used to work for on at a health and fitness supplement company, supplements are, are, are tough sell. They're, they're tough, but it can be done and it can be done well within Facebook and Instagram ads. You have to be very careful with the wording of your ads because you cannot mention any personal attributes. You have to be careful with the word your and Facebook does not like when you describe somebody's physical appearance.

So if you're selling supplements, you know, to get bigger muscles or to get leaner, all that kind of stuff, you have to be very careful with the wording. And that goes not just for the ads. That also goes for your landing page because Facebook looks at both. They look at both the ad and the landing page when they make a decision on whether or not an ad's going to be approved. So yes, marketing supplements on Facebook and Instagram is good. It will work as long as you have all the elements in place, but you have to be extra, you know, cautionary with your ad creative, your images, the copy that you use. All those things play an equal part in whether or not your ads even gonna get approved, whether it's not, whether it's going to even be served.

So that's the biggest advice that the, that, that I would, that I would say and don't promise too much in, in your creative and don't make outlandish claims is big thing. Although I will say there is one thing I learned from working in the supplement industry is legally since you can't say that supplements, you know, cure any type of disease or, or, or that kind of stuff, you have to use what's known as puffery in most in any supplement.

Lawyer will tell you this he have to use puffery. So like the greatest supplement in the world, you know, stuff like that, that, you know, it's kind of exaggerated but a harmless exaggeration. So take that little note from some, from something that I've learned. Orlando, how did you start Dropkick ads? Should I start my own agency?

Well, I started Dropkick a couple of years ago after my time at on it I had had, you know, several years of digital marketing experience. I got to experience, you know, helping a company grow from, you know, 20 employees all the way to 200 plus employees become a multimillion dollar company. And I reached the point where we're, it was kinda obvious that I wasn't going to go anywhere further in the company and it was, it was time for me to, to move on in time for me to you know, go on, go on at my, my own and I decided to try to sell my services. You know, what do I know as soon as I left on is like, what do I know how to do? And I created this business and you know, initially I was like going to just go the standard route of just like, Oh, we'll get some clients and you know, I'll manage their ad accounts for them and that'll be that.

I decided to take it another level and I wanted to create something that gave access to professional help for both, you know, the big clients that we do serve, but also people that are just getting their business started. You know, maybe they don't have a huge budget. What can we provide to them that can help them with their business? That's why we came up with our ad copy service, you know, our pro setups that we do for Facebook and Google, all those kinds of things. And it's a great part. I've heard so many great stories from different businesses that have used our, what do we call our gig services or one off services that we help, you know, do little parts of, of helping the business.

And it's awesome to hear core results from people. It's one of my favorite things that we do get here and all those things together, the, the company has grown in and I'm really proud of it. Now, should you start your own agency? Well, if your main focus to start an agency is to make money and you don't have any knowledge on, on these things, then the answer of course would be no.

I do see people that start marketing agencies that don't have any marketing experience because they just want to try to get clients to sell fake to do Facebook ads for when they have no, you know, real experience of the Rhone. If you haven't spent profitably thousands of dollars in Facebook ads, you know, budgets with thousands of thousands of dollars, you have no business taking advantage of potential people who, who need help with their business and you know, to, to trust you.

So if you don't have experience, then yes, the answer's no. If you do do it no way. And come from a place of service. Don't make money the, the overall driving factor because you will be disappointed. And so were your clients. They will be. So that's what I would say there for you. Orlando, I've loved my ad copy from Dropkick. Okay, cool customer and have used you guys many times. What's the thought process when you guys create copy?

Well, in full transparency, I'm not creating copy as much these days. I have a great team that does that, but we do have a full thought process when it comes to creating ad copy that sells. First off we have to make sure that everything follows policy and then second we look at things like orientation. So besides everything that you want to say, you gotta make sure that everything's in a follow policy and you got to make sure that that words just like you would an image display in the feed or whatever placement they're going to be in, they appear in a pleasing way to I, I don't like it when copy cuts off at weird spots or leaves, you know, some kind of of odd transition based on where things cut off. Obviously now with Facebook they reduce their, their primary lines of text to only three.

So you have to get more creative with with that. And the good core principles of, of any ad copy is kind of like what I mentioned before in a previous question regarding, you know, a landing page is, you know, what, what is the problem? What is the solution? Why are you the one to give this solution? And in the trust builders and you know, what's your offer now with Facebook and in the new ways of doing the, the three line primary texts for mobile placements, you know, you kind of have to move your offer up, you kinda have to move what you would normally have at the bottom of your ad copy and move it to the top. So all those thought processes come into play.

And then of course our writers love to use word play. They like to try to make, you know, cool little you know, puns or whatever it is, use emojis, all those kinds of things to liven up the, the, the text. And of course it varies based on business, product or service. You know how, how fun we're going to be in, you know, it's those things that, that we kind of think of. Hope that answers your question. Dropkick I have a drop shipping Shopify store and have spent hundreds of dollars on ads with no sales.

I want to use you guys but wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if drop shipping works at all. We get a good portion of drop shipping customers, people that have dropped a drop shipping stores that get ads from us. And one of the most common things I see when when we get there, they're creative quizzes answered is they're trying to do too much now when it comes to drop shipping stores, you can't have, you can't be a Walmart online, you can't sell spoons, forks, air conditioners, fishing rods, couches and everything all in one store as a drop in drop shipping store.

When people see that, they automatically think that they're being scammed in it. You know, you can't have the old days of an internet mall is gone. Like the think of the term internet mall. Was that the nineties or something like that? That's what you're exactly doing. If you tried to create a drop shipping store that is full of all products that are not related. Instead what I would do is focus on one product, do your research, what, what kind of product is, is doing good right now in the market and focus on that one product.

You know, does it need beef, a full out built, you know, website. Maybe it's just a landing page and you're focusing on this one product and you put all your energy into this one product, getting videos done, testimonials done, real customer testimonials. All those things go all in on that product. Even doing a category of drop shipping stuff like office stuff or you know, clothing, whatever it is, in my opinion, is too much. There's too much competition out there. Focus in, put all your energy into one product if you're going to be doing drop shipping. That's, that's my advice there. Yeah.

Final question here, Orlando. How long should I give a new Facebook ad campaign if I'm not seeing results? Okay. There's two, two parts to this one. You can, Yeah, Cut a campaign way too early. I see this very often, people that have not spent or, or don't have a, a lot of budgets to spend on Facebook ads, a lot of times they'll cut their Facebook ad campaigns off in a day because they didn't see any results. And they're only spending something like $5 a day on a cold, cold targeting audience.

Facebook ads take time to optimize. Sometimes you won't even see results for a new campaign within the first three days. It takes time to optimize. And especially now with this new campaign budget optimization, it's going to take more time to figure out what is best. But when it does, it's gonna get better and better and better. Now I will say typically, you know, and again this is tied to budget too, so it's hard to say a definite, but I always say, you know, give a new campaign at least seven to 10 days to, to get some data to look at. And if you're wondering how much money should you spend for, you know, I always typically try to abide by the rule of $5 for every ad, for every ad set. So if you have an ad set that has five ads, you know, you're going to have to spend $25 a day for that one ad set and look at things.

Don't just look at the thing that we all want, which is purchases or leads. If that's your main goal, look at things like the click through rate, the link, click through rate, that unique link clicks. Those will tell you if your ad is, is, is doing its job, which the ad job is to sell yes in a portion. But the main point of an ad is to get people to stop what they're doing and look at what you have to offer. You can't get them to buy if you can't get them to go to your site. So look at things like link, link clicks, unique link, click and you know, link, click through rates to further understand how your creative is doing.

And you should always try multiple variations, things, different videos, you know, try different video aspect ratios. There's three different ones that you should be using right now. Ditch the wide videos for sure. Ditch the wide images, for sure. You know, you get square, you get the four or five ratio, the nine 16 stories ratio, all those types of things should be tried. Different ad copy in different thumbnails for the videos. All those things come into play.

Well, that's about it. Our time is just about up. So thank you so much for listening to the very first episode of the ultimate marketer podcast.

Again, go to Dropkick I'm going to set up a form there where you can ask questions and I'll answer them for you to the best of my ability.

And don't forget 10% off with code on any gig service that includes pro setups.

So check that out. Follow me on Instagram at, I'm Orlando Rios. I am Orlando Rios and follow Dropkick ads at Dropkick ads on Instagram. Thanks you so much. We'll see you next time.

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