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#85 New Facebook Remarketing Suggestions
Have you noticed some performance degradation with your Facebook remarketing campaigns? You're not alone.  Ever since iOS14, remarketing audiences have been getting smaller and, therefore, less effective. In this episode, I'll go through the exact build of a remarketing ad set you should consider using for the best possible results. Hint: bigger is better!
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#84 Latest Facebook Ad Strategies
Over the last few months, I've managed over $500K in Facebook Ad spend navigating around the Apple update that most ad buyers feared. Now I'm not so scared. In this episode, I'll share some of my findings in audience building, prospecting campaigns, and attribution whether you're just getting started or a point of scale.
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#82 Shopify Saving Facebook Ads Tracking?
With the latest apple update, you may have noticed fewer data in your Facebook ads metrics. And while it's what we were all expecting, there may be a well-known hero coming to make things right again. In this episode, we'll discuss how Shopify will help our efforts to acquire new customers and why it's in their best interest to do so.
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