#27 Building Relationships with AJ Harbinger of The Art of Charm

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Aj Harbinger of Art of Charm - Ultimate Marketer Podcast

AJ Harbinger is a relationship and networking expert and founder of The Art of Charm.

In this episode, we discuss building personal and business relationships virtually and in person, including how to get over fears of introduction, remembering names, social confidence and more.

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[1:00] About AJ Harbinger

[2:40] Virtual Relationships

[6:00] Zoom May Be The New Normal

[8:20] Is Virtual Personality Too Fake

[10:05] The Day the Pandemic Ends

[12:05] Staying Sane in Lock Down

[15:05] Fear of Missing Out Is Gone

[16:00] Networking is Your Net Worth

[20:00] Introducing Yourself to a Stranger

[24:00] Remembering Names

[26:45] Building Meaningful Relationships


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