#22 Creating Winning Video Ads with Daniel Harmon of The Harmon Brothers

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Daniel Harmon of Harmon Brothers on Ultimate Marketer Podcast

Daniel Harmon is the co-founder of the Harmon Brothers ad agency, which is responsible for over 1.5 billion video views and over $350 Million in sales. Some of their biggest successes include ad spots for Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri, and Purple Mattresses.

In this episode, we discuss the formation of their biggest campaigns, the core principles to great video ads, great content on a low budget, tips for writing scripts, and creating quality productions.

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[1:00] About Harmon Brothers

[2:57] The famous Squatty Potty video ad

[8:40] When ad ideas are too outrageous

[10:00] Is comedy the only way?

[12:30] The core principles to great video ads

[15:30] How important are thumbnails for video ads

[19:30] Big performing videos with small budgets

[22:45] How important are top production skills and equipment

[26:25] Tips for writing ad scripts

[29:40] The biggest mistakes people make in advertising

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