#19 Creating Online Courses with Melissa Guller of Teachable

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Ultimate Marketer Podcast Melissa Guller

Melissa Guller is the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable, a platform that helps people create and sell online courses.

In this episode, we tackle the hurdles and simplify the steps of creating and selling an online course. We also hear amazing success stories that will leave you inspired, no matter what you're an expert in!

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Melissa's website: witandwire.com
Everything is Teachable podcast: teachable.com/podcast

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[2:00] About Melissa Guller

[4:20] Melissa Guller The Excel Nerd

[5:45] About Teachable

[8:57] What Subject Matter is Course-able

[10:50] What If Your Knowledgeable, But Have Never Taught

[13:45] Doing A Subject That Has Been Done

[17:15] Understanding Course Structure

[21:25] Pricing Your Course

[26:30] Marketing The Course

[35:30] Facebook Ads For Courses

[40:00] More Course Success Stories


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