#18 Trust Building and the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs with Sharon Vinderine

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Ultimate Marketer Sharon Vinderine

Sharon Vinderine is an award-winning entrepreneur, the founder of Parent Tested/Parent Approved, and has been featured on over 200 shows.

In this episode, we discuss trust-building, creating a community, finding the right team, and the next wave of entrepreneurs: kids!

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[1:30] About Sharon Vinderine

[3:00] Legitimacy of Seals and Approvals

[5:18] Getting Into a Business You're Passionate About

[7:20] Taking Products Into Stores

[11:30] Better Value: Television or Social Media

[13:20] Advice For New Entrepreneurs

[15:05] How and When To Fire Somebody

[17:00] Building a Community

[19:50] Dealing with Negative Social Comments

[23:45] Kids: The Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

[27:00] Do Kids Really Need College

[23:45] Kids: The Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

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