#17 One Million Followers with Brendan Kane

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Brendan Kane Ultimate Marketer Podcast

Brendan Kane is an innovative strategist for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities. He’s also the author of One Million Followers - how he built a massive following in just 30 days.

In this episode, we discuss building a social following, how to fix low engagement, create better content, and his case study on working with Taylor Swift.

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[1:03] Brendan's Life and Work Path

[2:35] Why Is Building a Social Following Important

[4:42] Thoughts on Bots and Purchased Followers

[5:40] What Social Platforms Should You Be On

[8:25] What Is The Root Cause of Low Engagement

[12:15] Thought Process on Creating Content

[14:15] Strategies of Hashtags and Engagement

[15:35] Case Study on Working with Taylor Swift

[18:35] Recommendations on Creating Content

[20:25] Social Posting Frequency

[22:25] How To Get Better and More Efficient

[23:50] Hiring Help with Social Content

[25:20] About New Book, One Million Followers


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