#15 Making The Perfect Pitch with Brant Pinvidic

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Brant Pinvidic Ultimate Marketer

Brant Pinvidic is a television producer, Forbes columnist, and author of the 3 Minute Rule.

In this episode, we discuss how to prepare and deliver the perfect pitch. We also hear his amazing story about pitching Levi Stadium to Vince McMahon for WWE's coveted Wrestlemania event.

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[1:15] Brant Pinvidic Pitches Vince McMahon on Wrestlemania

[9:45] Where Brant Pinvidic Got His Start

[14:00] Where Most Pitches Fail, Biggest Mistakes People Make

[17:24] Pitching On Social Media

[22:40] Pitching Using The Written Word

[25:40] When The Pitch Isn't Going Well, What To Do


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