#14 Growing Your Personal Brand with AJ Adams

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Ultimate Marketer Podcast AJ Adams

AJ Adams is a personal branding expert, marketing consultant, and the self-proclaimed King of Brand Attraction.

In this episode, we discuss growing your personal brand, leveraging LinkedIn, creating social content, and adults on TikTok.

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[1:30] Brand Bam Factor

[2:02] 4 Questions Brand Has To Answer To Make Sense

[6:30] Becoming a Public Speaker, When To Get Paid

[9:33] Leveraging LinkedIn

[12:15] Why Is Personal Branding Important

[15:30] How To Add More Personalization To Your Business

[17:55] Overcoming Fear In Creating Content

[20:03] TikTok For Adults

[23:23] Creating Content on TikTok

[25:40] Nightmare Clients

[29:50] Recommended Apps For Content Creation

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