#11 The Entrepreneurial Gift, Business Growth, and When To Hire with Brett Campbell

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 Ultimate Marketer Podcast Brett Campbell


Brett Campbell is an Australian entrepreneur that founded two of the fastest-growing companies in fitness and online marketing in his country.

In this episode, we discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur, the process of scaling your business, and when to hire help and build a comprehensive team.

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[1:15] The Entrepreneurial Gift

[5:28] Embracing Yourself and Your Reach

[8:03] Going Through With an Idea

[12:31] Are You Better or is it Ego

[17:10] Brett's Fitness Franchise Success

[23:25] Scaling Your Business

[30:50] Building The Team on a Budget

[37:50] What Brett's Excited For in Digital Growth

[41:25] What Brett's Preparing For in 2020

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