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YouTube Paid Ads: Breaking Down Your Options

YouTube Paid Ads: Breaking Down Your Options

The paid advertising landscape is becoming increasingly congested, meaning brands need to do more to stand out to audiences and run ads on more platforms than just Facebook. When it comes to considering other options, Youtube’s own advertising page boasts stats that say consumers are two times more likely to purchase a product they saw on Youtube AND that 70%+ of Youtube users say the platform makes them aware of new brands.


YouTube Paid Ads: Breaking Down Your Options

If you’re ready to capitalize on these types of results, let’s get started on your advertising options with YouTube paid ads.


Skippable Video Ads



Where it runs: Desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, TV, and game consoles

Specs: 3 minutes max length, full screen in video player

These video ads can run before or during a Youtube video but are able to be skipped by the user after just 5 seconds. These are also known as “pre-roll” or “mid-roll” video ads. While the viewer can skip the ad in the first handful of seconds, you are only charged as a digital marketer when someone has watched over 30 seconds or has clicked to your website, whichever happens first. This makes skippable ad options a good one for broad awareness, especially if you can fit something branded into those first five seconds, but gives you the bang for your buck by only charging for a significant view or web click. Further, we would recommend keeping your video well under 3 minutes and ensuring that your video covers the most important content within the first 30 seconds.

Non-Skippable Video Ads

Where it runs: Desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices Specs: 20 seconds max length, full screen in video player

Non-skippable video ads run before, during, or after a Youtube video. A recent study showed that about 76% of Youtube users reported that they automatically skip video ads, so this ad format is a great way to ensure your messaging reaches audiences. Youtube charges you by CPM or 1,000 video views. If you are planning to run a non-skippable ad, make sure your creative is strong enough to hold your audience’s attention and that your messaging is strong enough to make the cost worth it.

Bumper Ads


Where it runs: Desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices

Specs: 6 seconds max length, full screen in video player

Bumper ads are short, non-skippable ads that appear before or during a Youtube video. Similar to longer non-skippable video ads, you are charged per the 1,000 views. Digital marketers should think of bumper ads as a snippet of a non-skippable video ad, and should not attempt to squeeze all of the information of a 20-second video into 6 seconds. Due to the shorter nature of these ads, they should be used for broader reach and awareness goals, rather than clicks.

Non-Video Ads: Overlay & Display Ads

Where it runs: Desktop and laptop computers

Specs: Both image or text ads; overlay ads: 468x60px or 728x90px; display: 300x250px or 300x60px

Overlay ads (or banner ads) are semi-transparent and appear across the bottom 20% of the video and display ads appear in the top right of your screen above your suggested video list. Both ad formats are small and only allow for a light amount of text and graphic elements. However, they are great options for digital advertisers who want to leverage Youtube advertising but also don’t have a budget for video creation. Plus, if you are specific with your audience targeting, your overlay and display ads should show up alongside videos of similar content.

For example, if you are advertising soccer gear and hone in on your audience, your ads should be able to piggyback off of soccer-based videos and capture audiences who are already seeking out this type of content.

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