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The Best Free Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Meet Your 2021 Goals

The Best Free Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Meet Your 2021 Goals

Marketing tools are a must now. For marketers, 2020 posed a unique (read: scary) set of challenges, that month after month left us feeling like there was no way to stay on top of our workloads or to pivot at the speed of which the universe was required of us.

Marketing Tools to Help You Meet Your 2021 Goals

While it may be naive to assume 2021 will be different, we are here for the hopeful opportunity to wrangle in a more organized year. Here are some of our favorite, free digital marketing tools that help us keep our goals on track, and our minds sane. 😉


Self-described as “a spreadsheet with the power of a database,” Airtable is a perfect solution for marketers wanting to gain a better hold on task management and project detailing. Their free option is quite robust, allowing users access to all field types, multiple view options, and real-time collaborating and commenting with users. It's colorful, mobile-friendly, and more flexible than your average Google tracking sheet.   Airtable’s free plan also allows for automated integrations with Slack, G Suite, Facebook, and more, meaning you spend less time transferring work from place to place. 


Email marketing is one of the most effective and underused digital marketing efforts we see with our clients. It’s never been easier to capture email addresses and targets. If you find yourself in the market for an email marketing system that provides digestible data, design control, and a whole host of other flexible features, we love Klaviyo.  Klaviyo is big on providing customer-centric businesses with the tools they need to succeed. Not only will you be able to see the standard opens and clicks you’d get with any other email marketing system, but you’ll also receive real-time reporting on customer data and revenue. 


The glow-up Canva has experienced in the last few years alone is enough to make us want to recommend this free, versatile design tool! Its uber-user friendly templates can be used for social, website, physical collateral -- even invoices. Canva allows marketers to deliver a diverse visual experience, without the time it takes to get into photoshop or illustrator. Try it for a simple image resizing, and see how much time you save. 

Google Analytics (App!) 

The unsaid that needs to be said. Don’t sleep on the Google Analytics app, which helps you track traffic, see real-time metrics in built-in reports, monitor data, and assess your goals in real-time. Keeping a pulse while you’re on-the-go means less time at the desktop. 

Still feeling overwhelmed? 

We get it. Tracking and organizing all your business’s information into a digestible and usable format is an undertaking that is, frankly, inconsiderate of the year we just had.

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