5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022
A new year is here again and that means it’s time to share our forecast for the top digital marketing trends of 2022! As you plan your year of digital efforts, keep the following five trends in mind to stay ahead of the curve and generate great results from your campaigns.
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iOS14.5 Rollout: What You Should Expect & When
In a recent blog post, we laid out how to best prepare your Facebook Ads Manager for Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update. However, as Apple has announced that the rollout will begin the week of April 26 and gradually become available to users, we’re going into more detail today on the specifics of the update and what you can expect in your Facebook ads over the coming weeks.
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Apple vs. Facebook: The Battleground of iOS14 and What It Means For You
It’s no secret that Apple and Facebook are clashing. In Apple’s upcoming iOS14 update, changes will be made that directly impact Facebook advertiser’s ability to track, optimize, and target customers as they currently do. But it’s not all bad! Let’s break down what we know, what we can do, and why this may not be as dark as it initially seems for advertisers.
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