Social Media Usage Statistics 2021

Social Media Usage Statistics 2021

Social media usage statistics in 2021 are looking a lot different than in previous years as TikTok continues to rise and Facebook demographics change.

Social Media Usage Statistics 2021: Shape Your Social Strategy

“Work smarter, not harder” is a bread and butter mantra for marketers. And we stand by it! When it comes to social strategy, we empathize with how easy it can be to spin your wheels in the wrong direction -- there’s so much vying for our attention. That’s why we’ve called out the key social metrics you should be paying attention to when shaping your early 2021 social strategy.  Keep in mind that these demographics are subject to change, and we encourage you to keep checking into the Dropkick blog for the latest digital marketing info. 


  • Instagram sees roughly 1 billion active monthly users, with each of those users spending 30 mins on the app, per day. 
  • Facebook and Instagram take the #1 and #2 spots as the largest social networks. Their combined ad platform allows for cross-promotional ad opportunities, reaching the widest net of users in multiple demographics. 
  • Every month, 130 million users tap on shopping posts. Learn how to capitalize on this feature and start selling
  • TikTok may not catch its larger social competitors in scale, but its growth and impact are not to be overlooked. Users spend an average of 58.4 minutes per day on the app, nearly doubling Facebook and Instagram. 
  • TikTok was the second most downloaded app in 2020, and while it has primarily catered to a younger demographic, adult downloads are increasing rapidly and will directly impact catered content and ad opportunities in 2021. 
LOOKING FOR MORE SPECIFICS?  Explore the full Dropkick blog for more social strategy tips, and explore Dropkick’s main site for options on social media support for your team or business. 

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