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See Your Competition's Facebook Ads

Whether you need some inspiration or want to keep tabs on the competition, there’s an incredibly easy way to see every ad a business is running on Facebook. The feature was added this summer as a means of keeping more transparency in advertising. And while you’ll be able to see all ad creative and engagement, don’t bet on seeing any information on budget, spend, or results. That information is well protected as it should be.

Ready to start seeing what others in your field are up to with Facebook advertising? There are two ways to do this. Pick which is easiest for you.

Option #1: Go to the Facebook Page of the business you want to see ads for. Select Info and Ads in the left column.

Facebook Ads Info Page

Option #2: Enter the following URL in your browser and just replace the Facebook Page: PAGENAME/ads/

Facebook Page Ads Info URL

There you go. No more visiting competitor sites hoping to get remarketed so you can see what kind of ads they are running. Now they are all at your disposal. Just know that as you can see theirs, they can also see yours.