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How To Set Up Facebook Campaigns For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

How To Set Up Facebook Campaigns For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The biggest online sales weekend of the year is upon us and if you want to get your chunk of the pie, you better make sure you have your Facebook ad campaigns correctly set up.

The Audiences

While Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend is mainly a chance to get past customers to repeat purchase, there are opportunities to attract new or past on-the-fence customers to make an impulse buy.  To make sure you’re hitting all angles, make sure at the minimum you use the audiences shown below.

Email List + Past Purchasers 180 Days

People that have bought before are way more likely to buy again when there is a deal. Create a conversion ad set that targets an uploaded email list and a list of purchasers for the past 180 days using your Facebook pixel.

Look-A-Like 1%, 1%-2%, 3%-5%

This is the time to go after new customers with your deals. Create a conversion ad set that targets a 1% look-a-like of past purchasers for the last 180 days.  Also, make sure to exclude past purchasers form the last 180 days in this ad set so you don’t compete against your other ad sets. Additionally, this is also a good time to target 1%-2% and 3%-5% look-a-likes of past purchasers.While not usually as fruitful, now’s the time to reach.

Visitors 180 Day

This is kind of like remarketing, but a little crazier.  Normally you would never target all past visitors whether they purchased or not, but with this sales weekend, all bets are off.  Use this ad set to hit every person that has visited your site with your best deals.

Sale ReMarketing

You should have two ad sets going during this period that has creative focused on the time sensitivity of this sale: Site visitors with no purchase in the last 4 days and people that added to cart in the last 7 days.  Hit these hard with carousels of your deals for the sales weekend.

Spend Optimization

With such a short window, ditch lifetime budgets and instead use daily budgets so that you get as many impressions as possible. While you can get really expansive with your Black Friday / Cyber Monday campaigns, this is the basic structure you should follow. Pause all your other campaigns for this period and only run your sale campaigns during the length of your promotion so there's no internal competition. Have a great 2018 sales weekend!

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