Get Weird with Facebook Ads. It Just Might Work!

Get Weird with Facebook Ads. It Just Might Work!

With so many ads flowing through the feed, you have at most 1 to 2 seconds to capture someone’s attention. We live in an obsessively scrolling culture! So how do you stop that scroll and turn that 1 to 2 seconds into 5 to 10 and a click?

Get Weird.

Using slightly strange or risky copy, image, and video, you can have an ad that will stop even the most obsessive scrollers in their tracks. When something is out of the norm, our brains naturally want to investigate further.

This means more time looking at your ad and more likelihood of visiting your landing page. Let’s take a look at a recent experiment I just ran for Dropkick Ads… You may have recently seen me in bed talking about how nice it would be to just relax while I make your ads for you.

Get In Bed with a Marketer

I felt really weird making this video. I felt even weirder actually publishing it into our feed.  While I had confidence that it would hold true to my theory, I was prepared to get made fun of and even worse… not get results. After a couple of nights anxiously letting it run, I had some stats… 3.07% Link Click-Through Rate ...on a completely cold audience! That’s a 68% better rate than the national average!

While I realize not every industry has the ability to get weird (like funeral homes), testing this approach could potentially be very beneficial.  People are on social media to be entertained - so entertain them!

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