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Facebook's New Mobile Ad Format Change

Facebook's New Mobile Ad Format Change

All marketers should be aware of a major change to Facebook advertising. Here’s what you need to know and what we’re going to be prepared for starting August 19. Recently, the Facebook Business Blog announced that ads on the mobile News Feed will be more compressed in an effort to comply with the new look and feel of the Facebook platform. 

Facebook Ad Copy Text and Image Size Ratio Changes Coming August 19, 2019

Two main changes will apply to ads on Facebook’s mobile news feed:

Fewer Lines of Primary Ad Text

Do you know that “see more” that accompanies long ad copy? Well, that’s about to be moved up several lines. In the mobile feed, Facebook will now show only 3 lines of primary text instead of up to seven lines of text.

Reduced Height Allowance of Photos and Videos

Get to know your new aspect ratios. After August 19, the tallest supported aspect ratio for photos and videos will be 4:5 (1080x1350). Anything taller will be masked. To put that in perspective, most vertical photos you take on your phone or use on Instagram stories is 9:16 (1080x1920). As a reminder, this only applies to ads on the Facebook mobile news feed placement as we know it. We don’t know of any changes to other placements currently.

Why The Change

Facebook is always trying to improve its ad platform. Their reasoning for this change is to “drive increased ad effectiveness and make it easier to use the same assets on Facebook News Feed and Instagram Feed”.  This should make it easier to publish ad content and see uniformity across the main placements.

What We’re Prepared To Do

With the reduction of primary line text, it will now be more important than ever to make the first three lines of ad copy count. They’re going to have to be informative, clever, and quick. We will note that this should not deter you from the benefits of long-form copy. You will simply need to ensure your initial lines are stronger and include the problem, the solution, and the offer.

Starting August 12th, all Dropkick Ads Ad Copy and Image Services will be compliant with this new format. Make sure to take advantage of our creative copywriters and designers for your Facebook ad updates to get the best chance at conversions.