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Facebook Offer Ads: The Underused Facebook Ads Setting

Facebook Offer Ads: The Underused Facebook Ads Setting

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Facebook Ads, you overlook one of the best features sitting right under your nose. Try what we consider to be one of the most underused Facebook Ads settings: Facebook Offer Ads.

Facebook Offer Ads: Underused and Underappreciated

Facebook Offer Ads help feature a promotion on your product or service that people can claim or save to their Facebook bookmarks for later. But the real power lies in its ability to remind potential customers via notifications.  Watch the video below for more about Facebook Offer Ads, how they work, and how you can give them a try.

For more information on Facebook Offer Ads, check out Facebook's about page.  Check out more social media tips here on the Dropkick Ads Blog.