Do You Have Facebook's Advanced Matching On

Do You Have Facebook's Advanced Matching On

This Facebook Pixel Option Is NOT On By Default and Most Facebook Advertisers Are Missing Out!

The Facebook Pixel is the heart and soul of your marketing campaigns. It collects valuable data like product page views, add to cart actions, and most importantly - conversions!

But did you know that there’s a feature that many advertisers are not taking advantage of simply because it’s not on by default? If you currently don’t have this option on, Facebook is only able to track conversions based on cookies.  This means that if someone clicks on your ad and makes a purchase, but finalizes that purchase on another device or browser later, you won’t see it as a conversion in your ad manager.

This creates inaccurate information that leads to uninformed decisions.  What if you turn off an ad that is actually responsible for your site’s sales because you think it’s underperforming, when in fact the customer just didn’t finish the purchase on the same device?  

Not good! Well, now you can alleviate some of that worry because, with a simple click, you can turn on Facebook’s Advanced Matching option that will use encrypted customer information, like email addresses, from order confirmations and match them to ad interaction activity. This means more accurate conversion data, more accurate customer audiences, and better decision making.  

Here’s How To Turn It On: 1. Go To Pixels In Ad Manager

2. Click On Your Pixel 3. Click Settings 4. Turn on Automatic Advanced Matching

That’s it!  With that simple click, you will be on your way to more accurate visitor and conversion data from your Facebook Pixel.

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