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Choosing The Right Facebook Ads Objective

Choosing The Right Facebook Ads Objective

Have you ever been confused as to which Facebook Ad objective you should choose when setting up your Facebook Ad campaigns? Most people just choose conversions because they want sales, but it may not always be the best option.
Facebook has data that it has obtained from the actions people take. They use this data to decide who the best people to show your ad to are based on what you want to achieve.

The 3 Facebook Objectives

Facebook Ad Objectives


Meant to generate interest in what you have to offer. A warm-up before you ask for a purchase.

Those who have a little interest in what you have to offer already and are likely to engage or look for more information.
People who are most likely to take an action with your ad, like a purchase or opt-in.

Awareness Objective

Facebook Awareness Objective
Brand Awareness
This is a plain warm up or reminder that you around. Don't expect to see any immediate results here. Think of this as a billboard. It's just to get it into your head. Better for big business that has a padded budget.
This is a blanket reach to everyone that might be interested in your product or service. It uses no Facebook data on who is likely to click or purchase. This is like casting a line into a pond where you know there are fish but have no clue if anyone has ever caught anything.

Consideration Objective

Facebook Consideration Objective
The goal here is to drive traffic outside of Facebook. This can be like a blog or a landing page. These ads will be shown to people have a history of clicking through on ads. Think of this as just getting people into your store, not necessarily making purchases.
If you want your ad to have more likes, shares, and comments, this is what you would choose. Facebook will show your ad to people that have a history of doing so and are more likely to.

Lead Generation Objective

Facebook Lead Generation Objective
This is one of our favorites. If your main goal is to capture new leads for a mailing list or if you have a team that can reach out and close the sale, this objective rocks.
Facebook will show these ads to people that have a history of filling out forms which help you save money in the long run.
Plus, the best part about it is the person never has to leave Facebook or there feed to do so.  They fill out your form right in the feed and you get the results delivered, meaning more leads for less cost.

Conversion Objective

Facebook Conversion Objective
When you have a dialed in an audience and you are ready to make a sale, you would choose the Conversion objective. These are people Facebook have deemed to be most likely to take an action online like a web purchase or registration.
Now, in order for Facebook to learn who the most likely people within your audience is likely to convert you need to be getting at a bare minimum 15 conversions a week.  If you are not, chances are that you will face a higher CPA or possibly not get any conversions at all.
In some cases, you may be better off with a Traffic Campaign if your store is really new and have no data on sales yet. Then you should try to make the sale on a Conversion ReMarketing campaign to those visitors.
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