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3 Tips If You’re Transitioning Back into The Office

3 Tips If You’re Transitioning Back into The Office

When it comes to digital marketing, many of us are still working full-time remote and some may even be making this change permanent. However, others are beginning to return to the office and back to the work environment, we knew before COVID. If you’re back in the office or planning a return soon, check out a few tips that can help you adjust.

Bring Some At-Home Comforts With You

One of the main perks of working from home is having all of your creature comforts within reach. While the professional office environment won’t allow for doing laundry or making hot breakfast every morning, bringing some of your favorite comfort items with you can be a huge help in making the transition.  Some ideas include a succulent or live plant, requesting your favorite snack or drink to keep in the kitchen, keeping a blanket at your desk for cold A/C days, and stashing a pair of comfortable shoes to wear at your desk or for taking short walks.

Schedule Quiet Work Time When Possible

Most of us likely had a lot of solitary, quiet work time while working from home (sorry, parents!) so going back into the office can present a very different environment. While you may be looking forward to chatting with co-workers or having some background noise, it may be wise to schedule some quiet work time in open conference rooms or throw on some noise-canceling headphones when you need to focus. Giving yourself some designated time for quiet work can help ease the transition back into a louder environment.

Focus on the Benefits

Some may be nervous or have mixed feelings about going back to the office. And if you’ve come to realize that the remote life is the life for you, that’s totally fair. However, if you’re going back in and ready to give it a shot, keeping a positive outlook can go far.  Working on-site does allow for some perks that remote work lacks: face-to-face interactions and less loneliness that many reported during COVID remote work, boundary-setting between work and personal time, and a more structured schedule to your workweek. Taking advantage of some of these benefits can allow you to be more flexible in your transition back to the office.  With some of these tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to optimize your work environment to something you love, regardless of if you work in a corporate office or full-time freelance. For more tips, digital marketing or not, check out the Dropkick Blog!